Software Engineer

Dev Agency
Canton, OH
Job Type
Senior level

Job Description

Key Competencies

Innovation- Introduce or develop new ideas and processes which improve performance and productivity. Leverage business intelligence, data, insights, and other research to drive value and expand competitive advantage.

Builds Trust- Foster trust by completing tasks on time and following through on promises.

Implementation/Execution- Appropriate organization methodologies and tools are utilized for completing priorities and tasks working individually or as part of a team.

Problem Solving- Problem solving and the ability to collaborate--and lead when necessary--comes naturally. Approach is everything and engagement without over-bearance is a must.

Communication- Actively listen to others to understand their perspective and ensure understanding regardless of communication channel or audience. Communicates clearly and effectively with peers and management.

Role Essentials

  • At least 1-5 years of professional experience delivering software in a compiled, Object Oriented language (C++, C# orVB.NET)

  • Strong data modeling and data management skills in RDBMS systems. Fluency in SQL, relational constructs, stored procedures, triggers, views, normalization, and understanding of costs of various queries.
  • A deep understanding of costs of various kinds of data fetching (from db, from disk, from memory, etc)
  • An understanding of various caching mechanisms along with each types benefits and drawbacks
  • Experience in a service oriented architecture, preferably utilizing WCF web services
  • Experience using .net 4.0 or higher
  • Expereince using WCF for SOAP and REST based calls
  • Experience writing C# “unsafe” code
  • A strong understanding of serialization / deserialization
  • Demonstrated ability to solve problems independently

Role Desirables

  • MVC4,ASP.NET a plus
  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or related field or equivalent experience
  • Eager for personal and professional growth

About the Company:
Dev Agency

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