HTML <svg> title Attribute

The title attribute on an <svg> tag adds title text to the svg image.

Hovering the mouse over the image will not display a tooltip, but screenreaders can use the title text.



A title attribute on an <svg> image.
Note: no tooltip appears when hovering over the svg image.

<svg title="Circle" width="100" height="100">
  <circle cx="50" cy="50" r="40" stroke="steelblue" 
          stroke-width="2" fill="lightblue" />

Code explanation

The title attribute is placed on the <svg> opening tag.

The value can be any string. Hover over the svg and a tooltip appears.

Using title

The title attributes attaches additional information to the <svg> image.

The title attribute value can be read by screenreaders.

No tooltip appears when the svg element is hovered.

Use the svg <title> tag to get a tooltip on the svg image.


<svg title="value">



Value Description
value A string value. A title can span multiple lines by including newline or carriage-return characters:  &#10;  or  &#013;.

Browser support

Here is when title support started for each browser:

4.0 Jan 2010
3.0 Jun 2008
9.0 Mar 2011
10.1 Jun 2010
3.2 Nov 2008

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