HTML <source> type Attribute

The type attribute on a <source> tag specifies the media type of the source file.

A media type indicates the format and nature of the file.



Two <source> elements with a type attribute. The type value specifies the media type (formerly MIME type) of the video files.

<video width="320" height="240" controls>
  <source type="video/mp4" src="/media/movie.mp4">
  <source type="video/ogg" src="/media/movie.ogg">

Using type

A media type, formerly known as a MIME type, indicates the format and nature of a file.

Browsers don't look at a file extension, but rather what media type it is.

A list with common media types is available on this site.

Tip:   The IANA organization maintains a full list of official media types.

Common media types

There are hundreds of media types.
These are some common types that are used on the web.

Media Type Description
text/html HTML
image/png PNG
application/pdf PDF
application/ Excel
text/csv Comma Separated Values
video/mp4 MP4

Tip:  Check our HTTP Media Types Reference for a more complete list of common media types.


<source type="media-type">



Value Description
media-type The media type of the source file.

Browser support

Here is when type support started for each browser:

4.0 Jan 2010
3.5 Jun 2009
9.0 Mar 2011
10.5 Mar 2010
4.0 Jun 2009

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