HTML min Attribute

The min attribute on an element specifies the minimum value that can be entered.

Elements that accept this attribute include <input> and <meter>.



A min attribute on a number <input> element.
A minimum value that can be entered in this number input is set.


<form action="/tutorial/action.html">
  Quantity &nbsp;
  <input type="number" name="number" min="1" max="10" value="2"> 
  <br /> <br />
  <input type="submit">

For additional details see our HTML input min Reference.

Using min

The min attribute specifies the minimum value allowed in an element.

On an <input> element, the min attribute only applies to these input types:


<tagname min="number | datetime">



Value Description
number Minimum numeric value.
datetime Minimum datetime value.

Elements that accept min

The following elements accept the min attribute.

Elements Description
<input> Specifies an input field -- see example above
<meter> Creates a scalar measurement control with a known range.

<meter> with min

A <meter> tag with a min attribute.
The meter value cannot be lower than 1.

Pressure reading

<div>Pressure reading</div>

<br />
<meter min="1" max="25" value="14">14/25</meter>

For additional details see our HTML meter min Reference.

Browser support

Here is when min support started for each browser:

5.0 May 2010
16.0 Oct 2012
10.0 Sep 2012
10.6 Jul 2010
5.1 Oct 2011

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