HTML <a> download Attribute

The download attribute on an <a> tag changes the URL from a redirect to a download link.

Clicking the link will download the resource specified in the href attribute.



An <a> element with a download attribute.
Clicking the image will download itself.

<a href="/img/html/html5.png" download>
  <img src="/img/html/html5.png" alt="HTML5">

Using download

The <download attribute changes a link into a download link instead of navigational link.

With download enabled, the file referenced by the href attribute will be downloaded directly.

If a string value is provided on the download attribute, it will be used as the downloaded filename.

If not set, the original filename will be used.

Not all browsers support the download attribute.


<a href="URL" download="filename" />



Value Description
filename The name given to the downloaded file, for example, report.pdf.
Note: filename is optional. If not provided the downloaded file name is the href URL value.

Note: An href value is required for download to work.

More Examples

An <a> tag with a download attribute set to AnnualReport.pdf.
Clicking the link will download a pdf report by that name.

<a download="AnnualReport.pdf"
   href="/media/sample.pdf">Download Report</a>

Browser support

Here is when download support started for each browser:

14.0 Jan 2010
20.0 Apr 2013
18.0 Jan 2020
15.0 May 2013
10.1 Mar 2017

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