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The fact that you don't get any errors is a good sign. It means your connection string is valid and the Code Generator ran without errors. 
Remember that the Code Generator does not overwrite existing files: this is to protect developers from losing valuable code, 

To see the Code Generator in action, you could delete for example the Core.cs file. Then run the Code Generator.
The file will be re-generated.  To see the newly created file remember to toggle the 'Show all Files' icon at the top of the Solution Explorer.
Then right click on the new Core.cs file and select 'Include in Project'. 

Once the generated file is added back into your project, compile and the project is complete again. 
Hope this helps. 

PS:  I suggested Core.cs because it does not depend much on the database, whereas Domain.cs is entirely database driven which, in turn, requires that all tables in your database are according to the Spark standards.  So, try Core.cs first and then next Domain.cs.
Jack Poorte, Oct 13, 2013
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