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Fixed this.  I didn't have the "Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010" part of VS 2010 installed.

Mark Horowitz, Aug 08, 2011
thanx a lot
Mar 08, 2011
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No, I have the ultimate version on that computer.
It is true, however, that I didn't get these problems on my computer at work, where VS 2010 professional is installed.

I'm not sure if I had ever installed the Express version of VS2010 on my home computer (I recently bought a new home computer); if so, I'll de-install it tonight and try again.
What's clear is that when I start any solution, the Ultimate version is started because I see all the menus and toolbars that are only enabled with Ultimate.

When I load the Head First solution at home, I get the same problem: one project cannot be loaded!

--> Do you need any other information from me to start this problem?  Do I need a specific service-pack for instance?  I'm running 64-bit Windows 7 both at home and at work...

--> Is it a problem to have SQL Server AND SQL Server Express installed, if I want to run the Patterns In Action solution?  That is now the situation at home.  Of course, I haven't even come close to actually running the solution because of the projects not even being loaded.


Mark Horowitz, Aug 08, 2011
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Could it be that you are running the free Visual Studio 2010 Express version?  In your error messages I see several times: "The project type is not supported by this installation". This usually means you are running a Visual Studio version that does not support the different project types. 

If memory serves, the Design Pattern Framework requires Visual Studio 2010 Professional or better. You mentioned that you have VS Ultimate, which should be fine, but perhaps you accidentally started VS Express?

Hope this helps.
Walt Lynton, Aug 07, 2011
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