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If it is a turn based game, the P&P will suffice. If time is a factor you need to look into the concept of a game loop.
Ronald Schutte, Apr 03, 2011
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Hi Doug:

This seems like a fairly complex application you're building. I would think you could certainly benefit from the following patterns: Singleton, Factory, Adapter, State, Iterator (i.e. LINQ), and possibly Facade, MVC (or MVP, MVVM), and Command. Depending on how you persist the data and/or communicate over the wire there would be several other beneficial patterns: Repository, Proxy, Bridge, DAO, etc.  Then for testing you may want to look into an IOC container using the Dependency Injection pattern.

I think that with your knowledge of the game, combined with the patterns on our website as well as the Design Pattern Framework 4. 0 will make it clear which of the patterns would benefit your project the most.


And yes, for 2 developers the most cost-effective option would be two 1-user licenses of the Design Pattern Framework 4.0. 
Hope this helps.

Dan McMillan, Apr 02, 2011
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