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Why .NET and SQL is selected?


I wonder why .NET and SQL are selected and advertised here when we have Java and No-SQL databases?

Haroon Khan, Mar 28, 2018
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The Gang of Four book (the 4 Amigos) was published in 1994 -- years before the Internet took off and about 15 years before jQuery.  Likewise, Relational Databases were invented in the 60's, almost 60 years ago. Long before Microsoft even existed. 

I don't think you can say that Microsoft had a big say in any of these. 

Anyhow, I would just say, let all of these guys (open, closed source) compete with each other. 
We, as developers, are the ones that benefit the most from this wonderfully rich ecosystem.
Jack Poorte, Apr 19, 2018
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Thanks for the response.

Actually I was asking Close vs Open Source and Popular vs Not-Much-Popular

1. Microsoft only open-source a subset of their .Net Framework called .Net Core. So they are still holding enough to themselves. And they only opened the .Net Core (subset) due to pressure of Open Source taking off and they being losing the Developer Community. So far .Net Core has been serving their purpose of marketing and attracting the loosing Developer Community to come back to them again or at least retaining the remains. On the contrary Java community is far more die-hard and stretched as they have been enjoying the full SDK power right from the start.

2. In my humble opinion, Graph (neo4j) and Document (MongoDB) databases are equally reliable (ACID) but far more productive and big-data ready than any RDBMS. Since the built-in nature of RDBMS requires tabular order and applying optimization through better SQL Query writing and balancing between Normalization/De-Normalization and at times (in fact more than expected times) totally going against the DB Modeling principles just to overcome the Read operations to get complex a Executive Report. On the other hand, Document and Graph have got built-in Data-Structure to address the Reading operations exceptionally better than RDBMS without compromising the DB Modeling principles (I might be wrong at this point).

3. The real core is JavaScript and everything is being built on top for today's WWW. And we did see several libraries came and gone due to addressing Web UI/UX development issues better than the other, so JQuery would also be facing a decline in popularity and we could be using a better library than JQuery in near future, so sticking with JavaScript would be better than JQuery.

4. But, personally I feel like Microsoft and JQuery actually invested into those Books being written by the 4 Amigos. And I could be as wrong as a child again on this.

Anyway, just my 4-Cents for the community. And please do not take it negatively anyway at all.
Haroon Khan, Apr 17, 2018
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Thanks for getting back. 

There are a few thing you may not be aware of.  

First of all, Microsoft has changed over the last few years. The following are all open source: .NET, ASP.NET Core, C#, TypeScript, and others. BTW, jQuery is not by Microsoft.

Furthermore, you can download the Community Edition of Visual Studio 2017 for free.  So, you can start developing apps without paying a cent. 

Secondly, You state that No-SQL is faster than SQL. That may be true (for some queries), but why is it that almost all business applications written today are still using SQL rather than NoSQL? NoSQL is very good at some things but not very good at others. As usual it is a tradeoff.  

I would love to use NoSQL, but I simply don't see how I can make my applications fast enough to run complex queries.  

Anyhow, good discussion. 

Jack Poorte, Apr 15, 2018
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Thanks for the response.
But I was not doubting the .NET Framework beauty and SQL capability. I agreed but in my personal opinion these technologies have done a really cool job and that their time is about to over and are kind of over-shadowed by Open Source Technologies and Unconventional No-SQL DB's respectively.

All I was asking the reason of selecting proprietary technology over Open Source and SQL over faster No-SQL DB's.
On a side note, JavaScript is really great choice indeed but coupling it with a specific library would shift the appreciation from the core to the derived.

Bottom line, I'm not criticizing .NET or SQL or JQuery, but as a Computer Science student willing to see better and more popular technologies explained by the 4 Amigos than less popular. 

For example, I so want to read a book on Document and Graph DB's and Pro Java and Pro JavaScript (Creating a Library of your own). No offence to anyone but a stupid question from an avid Computer Science enthusiast :)
Haroon Khan, Apr 11, 2018
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Hello Haroon:

Your question is like asking why drive Volkswagen when we have Ford?
Let's just say that we are happy with the choices that we have.

We like Microsoft because all their tools are nicely integrated and work beautifully together.
But if you're happy with Java and No-SQL, then great for you.

Best regards, 
Jack Poorte
Jack Poorte, Mar 28, 2018
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