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Patterns in Action - JavaScript DataEntry app

I think I found a bug in the code. On the Update Customer function you are adding a customer instead of updating.

                    // this is wrong

Also, on the Submit function, what is the purpose of the line wherte var mod is set to the this.collection.get....

submit: function (event) {
                if (this.model.isNew()) {     // add
                        first: this.$('#first').val(),
                        last: this.$('#last').val()

                } else {       // update

                    var mod = this.collection.get(this.model.get("id")); <<<<===== what is this doing? mod is not used anywhere?
                    this.model.set("first", this.$('#first').val());
                    this.model.set("last", this.$('#last').val());
                    var url = this.model.url;
                    this.model.url = "customers";
                    this.model.url = url;
            cancel: function (event) {

Everardo Cunha, Apr 15, 2017
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