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Implement EAV With Coding Design Patterns


I want to try to apply a design pattern in a project I will work on. This time I want to use the EAV (Entity Attribute Value) model because I need a flexible field.  What is the appropriate code design pattern to be able to use an EAV data model?

Or are there are other methods besides using EAV?

Best Regards,
Eric Santoso
Eric Santoso, Jul 04, 2015
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Hello Jack,

No problem, indeed I have been waiting for the SQL + Database Design Pattern Framework and I saw that the product is now available.
I will soon purchase this product (likely today as well)

Best Regards,
Eric Santoso
Eric Santoso, Jul 16, 2015
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Hello Eric: 

Funny you asked, because the newly released SQL + Database Design Pattern does extensively talk about meta data models and EAV. It shows you how to build an application that allows users to create their own custom fields. All the C# code and data models are included.

Actually the SQL Framework goes one step further and allows the creation of custom Entities and custom Attributes! This is moving into the area of citizen development in which users build applications for other users to use. All without data model or code change. This last example is implemented with the EAD (Entity Attribute Data) data model pattern: a meta model that is just beautiful and really powerful. 

Please be aware that meta models are not presented in the standard version of the SQL + Database Design Pattern Framework, you will need the PRO version for that. 

Hope this helps.

Jack Poorte, Jul 16, 2015
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