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Feature request from the next dofactory .NET framework

I have enjoyed working with the Art Shop app and learning from it. One aspect of it which couldn't serve me well is the Spark data layer. I worked at different companies on existing apps and new ones. I just can't introduce a new, unknown to other developers, ORM into our development infrastruture. There are established ORMs being used like Entity Framework, Linq to SQL, NHibernate or plain ADO.NET. Regardless of what anyone thinks of them, they are used and will be used in the future. I can't rip them out, convince other developers to learn and start using a new unheard ORM like Spark. I am sure Spark has its merits but it will be a losing battle to start using it. Other developers in my team will oppose it. Questions like what is it? Who makes it? Who is DoFactory.. I never heard of them or of Spark? Why should we use it instead of Microsoft's products like EF which has tons of resources, support, books, updates and capabilities.

I have read the docs about Spark. A main advantage the document heralds is its performance. I have used EF and I don't feel it has any performance issues. I am sure the difference in performance between Spark and EF is measured in milliseconds. Not something a user will notice and get impatient with EF. Plus EF 6 has been optimized and I am sure it's more performant than v4 or v5. I am not putting down Spark but I am being very practical. I JUST CAN'T USE IT at work. It's too proprietary.

What I would like to see in the next version of the DoFactory .NET factory is a demo app using EF6. There can be one version with Spark and another using EF6 with its own design patterns like the use of the dbConext object. I think this will make everyone happy. 

When I look at the current Art Shop, whenever I see a Spark statement, I think of how would I use EF here instead. 

AngularJS is also becoming very popular. Most front end jobs seem to be asking for it. Another DoFactory framework based on it would be a nice addition. Maybe AngularJS 2.x?

Great job.

Abdu Bukres, Apr 30, 2015
I would agree with this. I've been using EF since its early days and very much enjoy it. Even better, EF7 is coming and its even more lightweight than 6 is. It is also capable of working with Unstructured data (Like NOSQL or other data formats) in the same way as it currently works with structured data. I think personally it will be hard to justify any move away from it and would definitely be in favour of a less proprietary solution and a set of patterns based directly on EF6/7. EF and Microsoft are already proprietary enough, no way would I switch to a smaller company, at least not on a professional system. No offense guys, but not including EF really is not an option and is one of the reasons which makes me think twice about going for the pro edition or the DB design patterns.
May 10, 2015
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Thanks everyone for your feedback. 
We will take this certainly into consideration for the next release VS 2015 / .NET 4.6.

Jack Poorte, Jul 16, 2015
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