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Hi, I thought I'd take a crack at this.  I'm still learning like you, and this is what I came up with.  It's a small VS 2008 Console project that uses the Strategy Pattern and other cool stuff.  It's probably not exactly what you need but it does what you need without duplicating code.

This was kind of fun.  Three years ago I could never do this.

Here's some code from the attached file example.

class Program
         static void Main(string[] args)

             Console.WriteLine("Enter one of the following values:");
             Console.WriteLine("   Test1, Test2, or Test3");

             // Read the input value
             // Valid values are: Test1, Test2, Test3
             string testType = Console.ReadLine();

             // Convert the string type to the Enum type.
             HistoricalItems key = (HistoricalItems)Enum.Parse(typeof(HistoricalItems), testType.ToLower());

             // Instantiate a new Portfolio context.
             MutualFundsPorfolio portfolio = new MutualFundsPorfolio();

             // Process the selected item type.


You can download the file here: - 51KB - VS 2008 project
This zip file contains both VB.Net and C# examples.

I hope it helps.

King Wilder
King Wilder, Jan 04, 2011
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