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Hi Doug,

Happy New Year!

The "ABC123" value in this case can be in a Settings table in the database as a value for a setting called "ClientTag".  The Settings table might be just a table with two columns (and a rowversion column), called "Name" and "Value".  This can be a table with general collection of settings that can be collected in name/value pairs.

So in this table you can have something like the following:
  • Name = "SiteName", Value = "My Cool Website"
  • Name = "ClientTag", Value = "HJ6Ev6qNMtL?XnHXmGRl1VE@"
  • etc

Then you can simply replace the "ABC123" string with a call to your service or repository that retrieves this value.

I hope this answers your question.

King Wilder
if ((Validate.ClientTag & validate) == Validate.ClientTag)
  var setting = settingsDao.GetAll()
     .Where(s => s.Name == "ClientTag").SingleOrDefault();
  if (request.ClientTag != setting.Value)
    response.Acknowledge = AcknowledgeType.Failure;
    response.Message = "Unknown Client Tag";
    return false;

King Wilder, Jan 01, 2011
Is there an example showing MVC 2 in v3.5?
Sep 09, 2010
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