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Service Timeout value can be set in three places

A. To increase the Timeout property of the Web service proxy.
        MyServiceRef serviceRef= new MyServiceRef();
        obj.Timeout = -1; // -1 for infinite or + any positive value in milliseconds
B. To Increase Increase timeout value in httpruntime tag in web/app.config of ASP.NET

        <httpRuntime executionTimeout="<<milliseconds>>" />

C. To increase timeout value in httpruntime tag in web-config of Web Services

adviced locaiton is cliend side, don't play with at serverside. it might effect other clients.

Hops this helps
Srihari Chinna, Oct 23, 2010
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There are actually 2 ways to configure time out:

--- On the server side, you can set/change this time out in web.config See: <httpRuntimeexecutionTimeout="..."/>
--- On the client side, you can set Timeout property in class called SoapHttpClientProtocol
Rahul Kansara, Oct 01, 2010
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