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Question on pagination in SPARK 4.5 (the ArtShop sample application)


I was exploring the code in the PageHelpers and PagedList classes.

The PageHelpers returns the pagination control as an HtmlString.   My question is what would happen if the no of records in the table is very high.

For example Say  I am viewing the orders table with say 1,000 orders or more  with a display of 20 records / page.  Then will the pagination control generate a long string with 50 links or more.  

If so is there a way to limit the length of the pagination control with a horizontal scroll.


Krishna Kumar
Krishna Gopinathan, Apr 06, 2014
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The ArtShop shows exactly how it is one, albeit with smaller number of records. 
It has 25 records and shows 9 records (art images) per page.  So there is a total of 3 pages. 

In your scenario, you have 1000 order records and if you show 50 per page, you will have 20 pages. 
The idea of pagination is to show data in maneagable pieces (i.e. pages). 

Hope this answers your question.

Jack Poorte, Apr 06, 2014
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