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'.NET Design Pattern' / SOA / WCF / Web API...

Hi there,

I have been reading through and trying to understand the removal of WCF from .NET Design Patterns. 

WCF vs Web API: I don’t think any article says that Web API is a replacement or competitor for WCF, as it only re-implements a small set of functionality.  I do however agree that Web API is in fashion and could certainly be used for SOA apps.  So why remove WCF, if it’s not replaced by Web API +Json (client) in “.NET Design Pattern”?   Is it simply as the product you are now trying to market is Spark and you want to steer everyone to PRO?

I understand WCF is available in 4.0, but I feel 4.5 is incomplete and simplified to the point of removing too much.

I would welcome your comments.

Many thanks



Ty Omidi, Feb 20, 2014
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I'm confused but is SPARK a pattern being pushed by DoFactory or is this a industry standard that companies are moving towards? I don't see how this will help in the industry as I don't see any job leads asking for SPARK as a skillset. I do understand moving away from WCF as Web API is the way of the future. This to me is a stripped down version of version 4.0 and a lot of extra money to get the SPARK implementation (which is almost 3x the cost). It would have been nice to have at least implemented Web API in place of WCF. I'm not seeing a huge value in this version yet. So far this is exactly the same as 4.0 minus WCF. It was nice to see Areas and Razor introduced into MVC I guess but I would have understood this version or the need or releasing 4.5 if you would have at least implemented Web API in the service layer instead of WCF. 

Dennis Tucker, Apr 01, 2014
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Just a comment.  We do realize that WCF has a large following and  therefore we may decide to re-introduce it in the next Design Pattern Framework -- possibly as a separate SOA and WCF-based solution.

Having said this, the industry is very fluid right now, and we are keeping our eyes out on what is coming next from Microsoft.  Stay tuned. 

Jack Poorte, Feb 27, 2014
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Hi Khurram,

They haven't used Web API in winforms or WPF. 
Ty Omidi, Feb 25, 2014
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Hi Ty,

You are absolutely right that Web API only implements a small set of functionality of WCF and not a replacement of WCF.

Based on my knowledge I think I read it some where on this site that these people at dofactory are not only showing us how to implement the patterns and best practices by giving us examples in some old programming language like c or c++ which people are not using on regular basis rather they are showing us the examples by implementing in latest .net Platform.

As you know Web API is pushed and supported heavily by Microsoft for Net 4.5 that is why here engineers at dofactory are trying to show us how to implement best practices using latest trends of technology and this is also the reason that they opted Web API in their product

Like you I am also a customer and user


Khurram Shahzad, Feb 24, 2014
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