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Migrating from Design Pattern Framework 3.5 CS to .NET Design Pattern Framework 4.5


I am currently using DO Factory Design Pattern Framework 3.5 framework on my project with the solution consisting of Presentation Layer, Hosting Layer, Service Layer, Business Layer and Data Layer etc.. I have used this classic UI, Business Layer, DAL architecture for many years and would like to change my project architecture to ASP.NET MVC 4.0/4.5 framework. Will the DO Factory Design Pattern Framework 4.5 download help me setup the solution and guide me with all the steps to succesfully implement/convert my project to ASP.NET MVC 4.0/4.5 framework?

Ajay Walia, Dec 30, 2013
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I would like to mention that the Framework version 3.5 or 4.0 are still perfectly valid.  There is nothing wrong with these and frankly if you have an application in production I would be very careful before deciding to rewrite. In many cases it would not be the right decision..  However, if you decide to rewrite it will involve manual work, because there is unfortunately no automatic upgrade path between versions. 

If you have a 'green field' project (meaning a project that is just starting)  I would suggest you use the latest version (4.5).  However, even if you use 4.5 there is nothing wrong with borrowing some additional techniques and concepts from the older versions if you need these. 

Hope this helps.
Jack Poorte, Feb 02, 2014
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