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Does Spark create the database?

Does the Spark platform create my database tables automatically based on the defined models?
tim muska, Dec 21, 2013
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Great question.  The answer is no: Spark is data first rather than model first (which would create database tables).
Spark reads the data model and creates all necessary Active Record objects, as well a Repository, Unit of Work, etc. . 

Hope this answers your question.
Jack Poorte, Dec 22, 2013
I found this same issue having just started with the framework. I tested your suggestion and look at the setting suggested by Christian. The setting is 'Always show solution' (see It was on by default on my pc, I use the C# settings option when I first install VS. With that off it did show only the project when I had not added the 'Solution Items' folder.
Sep 02, 2012
Hi Dan! dof seems to be a great employer... reading your replies for a couple of years now :) However, regarding this topic: Can't confirm that. If I create an empty solution and add a new project, the solution is still there and I can still create solution folders. What I DO know on the other hand is, that you can configure Visual Studio not to show the Solution treenode once there is a project. If you choose VB.NET this is the default setting (in Extras > Settings).
Sep 01, 2012
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