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MVC 5 Patterns Framework, Including IoC, DI and UoW

Would like to see some of the MVC 5.0 updates. 

Would also like to see some security, Identity and claims framework patterns/best practices. 

Understand that this gets a little specific, technology wise, but many areas you've done well with get into some specifics (or generalized/well-excepted standards).

Brian Kirkpatrick, Dec 05, 2013
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Support for MVC 5 with Identity and VS 2013 are works-in-progress.  
Sorry, I have no ETA yet. 
Jack Poorte, Dec 22, 2013
BoyFactory should return an instance of Boy object. GirlFactory should return an instance of Girl object. The entire design has been made on the assumption that Child has properties of Father and Mother. Child has-a Father Child has-a Mother Boy implements Father interface, so should hide methods of mother Girl implements Mother interface, so should hide methods of father
Aug 19, 2012
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