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Is the Spark 4.5 platform suitable for a Social Networking site?


I am planning to develop a social networking site. How suitable would it be to use Spark 4.5 to develop the site??

Please advice.
Sudhir Golthi, Nov 27, 2013
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Thank you Jack, That really helped. 

I was moving around so could't reply so far. So can you please let me know more details about the API deals with media files? 
Sudhir Golthi, Jan 06, 2014
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Spark and the Active Record pattern are highly appropriate for very large sites.
In fact, large, high-performance sites is where you will get the most benefit of Spark versus, for example, Entity Framework. 

As far as images and videos, I assume you are planning to store these on disk rather than in the database?
In general, we recommended to store media files outside the database (if not, your database may become unmanageable). 

With media files Spark does not force you to do anything different, so yes, Spark supports images, video, sound, etc. 
Specifically, I would create a small custom API that allows developers to easily read and write media files to and from disk.  Then store information about the uploaded media files inside the database (using Spark). 

Hope this helps.

Jack Poorte, Dec 10, 2013
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Thanks Jack, Do you recommend active record pattern for a large database driven application ?? I am in a process to identify the right framework / tools for a large data driven online community based website. It would helpful if you share your thoughts on this. 

How can we handle images / videos using Spark Framework??

Sudhir Golthi, Dec 08, 2013
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Sudhir: the Spark platform is suitable for any kind of data-based application. And social networking is no exception.

Hope this helps.
Jack Poorte, Nov 28, 2013
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