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Spark & WinRT / Phone 8 Data Access

Hello, can Spark handle situations where data access for Windows Store Apps and Windows Phone 8 apps are required?

My understanding is something like SQLite is one of the only viable options. Can Spark handle this sort of database? Also, Azure is a potential storage target... Can Spark also cater for this eventuality?

I guess what I'm saying is no SQL Server, SQL CE, etc.

Richard Weeks, Nov 11, 2013
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As far as local data access on these devices, no, Spark was not specifically designed for this. 

The data access aspects of Spark are designed to work with SQL Server.  If you have SQL Server on the cloud you can wrap a Web API around it -- and Spark will help you building this API.  So, when using web services Spark does support WinRT, Phone 8 etc.

I hope this answers your question.
Jack Poorte


Jack Poorte, Nov 15, 2013
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