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Support for MVC 5 Asp.Net Identity?

Hi, could you tell me if you're planning to do a Spark version using MVC 5 Asp.Net Identity - as opposed to the current MVC 4 SimpleMembership example?


Adrian Ryan, Oct 03, 2013
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Our upcoming VS 2015 / .NET 4.6 release will include support for ASP.NET Identity 3.0.
Hope this helps.

Jack Poorte, Jul 16, 2015
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I noticed no examples include ASP.NET Identity

Nothing in the documentation say anything about supporting Identity

I just see support for dotnetopenauth.

Michael s, Jun 26, 2015
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Here is a quick update to your question: 
Yes, we will support ASP.NET Identity in the next upgrade for VS 2013. 

Hope this helps. 
Jack Poorte, Oct 11, 2013
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VS 2013 is currently not released, so we have not made any decisions on that yet.

Having said this, our goal is to always present the latest in .NET Patterns and Practices to our users.
So yes, in all likelihood, ASP.NET Identity will be included in the next release / upgrade. 

Hope this helps.
Jack Poorte, Oct 09, 2013
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