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Difference between .NET Design Pattern Framework 4.0 and 4.5

What are the new features in the .NET Design Pattern Framework 4.5 product?
Can you explain the differences between .4.0 and 4.5?
Mehmet Sirin Celik, Oct 03, 2013
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Hello Mehmet: 

There are quite a few differences between 4.0 and 4.5. First of all, our product page at explains what is in 4.5.  

If you are an existing user then you also received an email with the upgrade details. Here is a summary of what was in that email:  

 -  Optimized for VS 2012 / .NET 4.5

 -  ASP.NET MVC 4 with Razor, Unit Testing,Mocking, Dependency Injection, more..

 -  New SimpleMembership

 -  CQRS and Active Record Patterns

 -  Repository and Unit of Work Patterns

 -  REST Patterns and Practices (with Web API)

 -  Full OAuth implementation: Connect withFacebook!

 -  Partial SPA (Single Page Application)

 -  Convention over Configuration

And here are the highlights

 -  Spark: Our new pattern-based rapid application development (RAD) platform

 -  Art Shop: A real-world, online store built with MVC and Spark

Hope this helps. 


Jack Poorte, Oct 09, 2013
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