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Unable to load up the Spark 4.5.sln

My VS 2012 hangs when I try to open the Spark 4.5.sln.
Have you had cases like this before?   Any solutions?

Paul Xiong, Sep 12, 2013
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Thank you so much for sharing your solution to this problem.
This is really helpful. 
Jack Poorte, Apr 16, 2014
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I experienced the same problem.  In my case, it wasn't a problem with the solution or VS, but with the OS itself.  The issue is caused by the Automatic File Block feature in Windows 7.

Here's a link for a page that explains the problem.

Here's a link explaining how to fix the problem.  It includes a link to the "Streams" tool download.  This is an MS Internals tool.

I followed the instructions and after everything was "unblocked", the solutions loads.

Best of luck.
Warren Oldham, Apr 16, 2014
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Hello Paul:

You are the first to report this. So, I am not sure what to tell you.
It seems to be specific to your machine or setup. 
Possibly a VS 2012 re-install may be needed?


Jack Poorte, Sep 13, 2013

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