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Pre-sales questions about the the new 4.5 .NET Design Patterns product

I just got an email stating a 4.5 version of the pattern framework is out-- that's welcome news.  I've enjoyed both the Javascript and prior .Net pattern frameworks and look forward to purchasing this one.

That said, may I first ask about how CQRS is covered in the material, along with Dependency Injection?  Regarding the latter, are specific (Ninject, Unity, Windsor) frameworks discussed, or is it a roll-your-own DI discussion?  I'm also interested in the OAuth material and how it's used / discussed in the package.

Thanks much,
Lawrence Quantz, Sep 12, 2013
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CQRS is potentially a large and complex topic with Enterprise Service Bus, Message Queues, etc.  The Design Pattern Framework 4.5 does not cover these areas, but it focuses on the core 'Fire and Forget' aspect of CQRS.  You will find this implemented in the Art Shop reference application, specifically when the shopping cart is updated with Ajax calls.  

The CQRS pattern issues the request, starts a separate thread that will execute the update, and returns immediately without waiting for the results. The assumption is that it will execute without problems -- which it will in 99.999% of the cases.  Essentially, the CQRS pattern states: "we are not going to have all users wait for the very, very small chance it may fail". In our mind, this philosophy makes a lot of sense. 

Dependency injection is addressed and included.  We use stubbed repositories, rather than a third party tool. 

OAuth is covered in combination with SimpleMembership. It includes a fully functioning, end-to-end example in which users can sign up with Facebook.

I hope this answers your questions. 

Jack Poorte, Sep 12, 2013
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