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WCF not in release Design Pattern Framework 4.5

Having been on tender hooks awaiting the new version, I was disappointed to not see the latest best practices for WCF.
Instead we have Web API which  is not commonly used in most industries. Can we not get an updated WCF please


Paul Durrant, Jul 30, 2013
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And thanx for the fast answer, that's good customer support !

Okey, we/i will go through the code some more.

Yep, soa it is but we have some need for WCF. Anyway, if the T4 code is 'easy' to follow it probably will not be all to much work to wire it up ( says a optimistic person until wcf peculities strikes :-) so still interested in the Pro version.

Best regards

Ps in the PIA4.5 solution, DataObjects project's Settings there is an errounious 'leftower' setting for the "ActionConnectionString' to an local hd. Should probably  be set to a relativ ref ??
Kaj Wikman, Nov 03, 2013
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No decision has been made, but we will review the inclusion of WCF in the next release.

As far as the PRO version, it comes with two code generators that will automatically generate 1) the Data Access, Business Object and Repository layers, and a 2) Web API seed app.

When going over the Spark (Art Shop) reference application you will get a good understanding of the layers (essentially the entire Art.Domain project) and the Web API seed app (the Art.REST project).

With respect to your SOA question, the PRO Design Pattern Framework 4.5 supports SOA, but not through WCF but based on the new Web API. 

Hope this helps.
Jack Poorte
Jack Poorte, Oct 30, 2013
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I have only looked at the stuff for a day or two. Looks great but have to agree that it would be nice to have the WCF resurrected.
In our part of the world this is something that more or less have to be part of the ecosystem. (Not saying that RESTful is not needed... :-) 

We are thinking about to get the PRO Design Patterns version, is the SOA service part of the generator stuff?

Anyway great product so far.

Best regards
Kaj Wikman, Oct 30, 2013
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Hello Paul:

Thank you for your feedback.  

Here are our thoughts. The Design Pattern Framework is designed to inform developers about the latest architecture, patterns, and best practices trends in .NET development.  A major theme in 4.5 is simplicity and productivity.  

Microsoft fully subscribes to this theme by releasing products like
  • MVC --- as an alternative to Web Forms,
  • SimpleMembership --- as an alternative to Membership, and
  • Web API --- as an alternative to WCF
All alternatives are better and simpler than their older counterparts. And, all are included in our 4.5 release. 

Of course, WCF offers more than REST, but REST is clearly where the industry is going.
Having said this, we do listen to our users and if WCF is critical to their continued success then we'll review our decision. 

For those not familiar with our products, I like to mention that the SOA patterns with WCF/SOAP are still available in Design Pattern Framework 4.0 (the prior version) which is included in all purchases. 

Dan McMillan, Jul 30, 2013
@Rajesh Pillai Thank you very much for your valuable input. And thank you very much for drawing my attention to the builder pattern as well; it is definitely a contender and a serious one might I add. In fact I think my solution should be based on the combination of both Interpreter, since the builder lack grammar interpretation, again I may be wrong here, with a builder as a constructor of the catalogue. My concerne of course is the complexity and I totally agree with you on this point. Great feedback! Thank you
Apr 02, 2012
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