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Another Request for a Release Date for the New .NET Pattern Framework v4.5

There have been a few posts asking when the new .NET Pattern Framework v4.5 is going to be released, but no answer has been given.  Also, from older posts, it was communicated that it would be released by the end of June, and it's now about the middle of July and nothing is available yet.

Therefore, this is another post/request for a release date for the new .NET Pattern Framework v4.5.  When is this product going to be released?

Thank you.

The G-Man, Jul 09, 2013
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Hello G-Man:

We are working on the finishing touches.
Please stay tuned.


Dan McMillan, Jul 11, 2013
For IocPurposes -> Inherently Singleton advocates private constructor which is required for most of the IoC.
Apr 04, 2013
Perfectly right I think. This is what the reason I was looking for to go for singleton as compared to simple static class. Also I think Singleton provides a way to maintain state in stateless scenarios.
Apr 18, 2012
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