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New release of .NET Design Pattern Framework 4.5 and licensing costs

I am planning to buy .Net Design Pattern Framework 4.5 when the release is made available.
Do existing users get any cost benefits?
Sathiyarajan Rajendran, Jun 04, 2013
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Hello Sathiyarajan: 

Yes, once release 4.5 is made available please visit your download page.
It will have the Renewal and Upgrade fees for your current license. 

Hope this helps.
Dan McMillan, Jun 05, 2013
When writing source code, we try to make our source code as restricted as possible, right? That is done in order to give another programmer an accurate impression of the intented functionality of our source code. That's why we decide to sometimes work with a Collection and in other cases with a IEnumerable. From that point of view, a class like Beverage, which never gets instantiated should be declared abstract. With that in mind, in that case it actually would be wrong to not declare the base-class Beverage as abstract. That was my actual question. Why don't we declare that certain base-class as abstract.
Mar 05, 2012
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