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A complaint rather than a question

I recently purchased the Patterns in Action framework for my team. I really like it so far, but there are questions I have and I see others have as well regarding this product. There are certain situations or places in code where certain comments have been made that I would like further elaboration on. Unfortunately, it seems it takes days/weeks/never for an answer to arrive on the forum. Yes, posts are sporadic as I have noticed here, but despite the frequency of community involvement or the availability of other participants from outside dofactory (Data & Object Factory, LLC), I expect more involvement in this forum from those pitching the product.

Respectfully But Concerned,

Isaiah Nelson, Feb 19, 2013
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Hi Isaiah

I have started using this framework to learn with recently and agree with you to some extent.

I think we need to recommend the forum and frameworks that are on this site to more people and try and grow the community more. Lots of my colleagues are unaware of this site but I know that if they had been aware I would have seen some much better coherent code from them.

When I have come across things that I don't fully understand in the working example I like to see this as a challenge and a learning opportunity and try to figure out why and how its been done, must admit I normally end up having to use a few other forums too.


Anthony Joanes, Apr 05, 2013
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