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"Solution Items" Folder in empty Solution. Why?

Hi there,

Reading your documentation about the Pattern Framework Solution, I stumbled accross the hint to immediately create a "Solution Items" Folder in an empty solution, because otherwise any project would take over the solution role ("which is not what you want"). However, what does that actually mean?

I am looking forward to your explanation. ;)

Christian Jacob, Aug 22, 2012
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Hi Christian:

The best way to see what happens is to give it a try. 

Start with an Empty Solution. Then add a project (say an MVC project). 
You will see that your Empty solution changes to a solution that is just the MVC project. In other words it 'takes over' the solution.
The 'work around' we found was adding a 'Solution Items' folder which is a good thing to have anyhow, to store solution artifacts, such as, documents, DDLs, textfiles, etc.

Hope this helps.
Dan McMillan, Aug 30, 2012
Oh that is a good comment... thanks i try it.... thak you very much
Aug 13, 2011
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