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Can I remove DTOs from WCF?

Question about the Patterns in Action application.

If I am using this within a project and will not ever use WCF can I eliminate a lot of this?
For example can I remove "ServiceContract", "OperationContract", "DataMember", and "DataContract" annotations from IActionService and Messages?
Also, can I remove the Request/Response? 
Can I also remove the DataTransferObjects (DTOs) from the service layer as well?

Dennis Tucker, Jun 11, 2012
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Yes you can remove them in non WCF project.
Pradip Shrestha, Jun 14, 2012
Hi Nunu Kohli, Though its a very late reply..! But I am so impressed with this answer that I could not stop myself from creating an account on this site for appreciating this answer. I Google'ed a lot to get an answer to this question, and my search stopped after this answer. Thanks a lot for that explanation..!! I helped a lot..!!! -- Thanks & Regards, Shridhar Kulkarni.
Oct 27, 2013
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