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Help on video file storage in C# ,Net

i have created a application in which i added VLC (Video LAN Player)

in the properties section in MRL i added the video address when i executed the video got playing but

when i published the application and installed in the other machine the video was not playing

please help me what sort of mistake am i doing

guide me

I came to know by someone that we have to store the video files in resources

i have 45 video files when i add those video file through add resouces it take a a bit of time and adds in the resources but when i execute than i'll be getting an error

please help me out or else is their any alternative way to add video please let me know i am in a big trouble

" Error 1 Unexpected error writing metadata to file 'C:\Users\dell\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\S\S\obj\x86\Debug\S.exe' -- 'Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. ' S "

Venkiy Kumar, Mar 06, 2012
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Instead of including the video files as resources include them in an installer package. The program you are writing can then refer to the video files by name on the file system wherever the installer extracts files to.
Donovan Crone, Mar 08, 2012
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