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Combination of HTML5/CSS3/jQuery vs ASP Presentation Layer?


What do you think about the combination HTML5/CSS3/jQuery with WinSockets usage for consuming Web Services as a replacement for the ASP.NET Presentation Layer. Would you recommend something like this?
Uwe Stachel, Apr 14, 2011
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Without knowing the objectives of our project, I would say, whatever works best for you.

It is not like you must implement patterns or certain technologies.
You can use them if they are beneficial to you and your application. 


Sunil Patel, Apr 14, 2011
Hi King Wilder, Thanks for your answer. I think I have a confusion as to a service layer and a service. The action service, is this the gateway into the methods exposed by the service? Yes I actually use Fluent Validation to handle my input validations. Just a quick question, where would validation go into seeing that the business objects are exposed by the service to more than 1 client. Also, where would business rules go? I have read that I need a service that exposes the methods in the repository. Why do you think this was not used here? Then this service handles all application logic. Was it done this way or am I just not seeing it? Brendan
Jan 02, 2011
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