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Definitely, Head First Design Patterns!  Get it!!

And while you're at it, Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design!
King Wilder, Aug 13, 2010
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I'll also add a shameless plug for "HeadFirst Design Patterns".  If you don't have any experience at all with Patterns, this would be a very good way to start.
Phil Boyd, Aug 09, 2010
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I would suggest looking through the .NET Framework for objects with names of the base patterns in them to give you an Idea of tools in the framework that ou are using now and how they relate to the base GOF patterns listed on this site and others.

This will give the feeling of what a implementatino looks like versius a concept.
Ronald Garlit, Aug 08, 2010
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My suggestion would be just take a design pattern and create a program that uses it. Experiment. Search the web as well. There are a lot of design patterns and examples out there. For me, I just took and example and programmed it. then played around with it till I got the feel of what it was trying to do. When you can see what it can do, try and find a project you have already worked and look at where it might fit in and then rework your project with the design pattern.hope this helps you. ---
Kevin Ison, Aug 06, 2010
Can you please implement it in the sample code above and show me? Thanks Ananya
Jul 06, 2010
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