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Use ASP.NET MVC 3 or MVC 2


In your Design Pattern Framework you use ASP.NET MVC 2. I'll start a new web project in 2 months.
Do you think it would be better to use MVC 3 rather than MVC 2?  Currently I have no knowledge about MVC 3.
Uwe Stachel, Apr 08, 2011
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You mean there would be no great changes in your "patterns in action" application design by using mvc 3 instead of mvc 2 ?
Uwe Stachel, Apr 09, 2011
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Hello Uwe:

I would use MVC 3.

The reason for this is that the fundamentals of Design Patterns do not change with the introduction of more modern platforms.
The changes from MVC 2 to MVC 3 are fairly significant (particularly the Razor View Engine), but it does not fundamentally change the pattern oriented approach to building an ASP.NET MVC solution.

Hope you enjoy working with MVC 3. 
We think it is a great platform.

Dan McMillan, Apr 08, 2011
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