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New employer. Now the install has a problem

I've never had a problem installing the Design Patterns 4.0 CS msi before, but at my new employer, they redirect My Documents to a network share drive, and I get the following error dialog box:

"Could not access network location \\appsrv01\davidm$\Documents\\DoFactory Patterns 4.0 CS"

My employer Help Desk provided this insight, but we don't know how to get around this issue:

The double slash behind Documents is the issue as that’s not a valid path.  I have no idea why the install is doing that.  We redirect My Documents to the M: Drive, it may have something to do with that.  That’s not something I can adjust as It’s governed by group policy.  Were previous installations in Windows 7 environment?   

Is there some command line install to get around this? 
Is the install trying to write to my local C: drive MyDocuments (which is being (mis)directed to a shared network drive?

David Laub, Mar 02, 2011
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Hi David:

I am sorry for the trouble. We've had a few other users with the same issue. It has been discussed in this thread:

To the best of our knowledge, the error is caused by a registry mis-configuration on your computer. 
Even Microsoft's own products (like Office) cannot be installed when this occurs. 

Microsoft offers a 'FixIt' utility that you may want to try.
You'll find it here.

Hope this helps.
Dan McMillan, Mar 02, 2011
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