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WCF SOA Wrapper

I have need to create an SOA wrapper for SOA services that are taking Request XML and returning Response XML and expecting the developers to parse this this XML.  I aim to use the XSD.exe tool and create C# classes for the schema in order to encapsulate and abstract this work from the developers(we have close to 3000).  We have lots of different languages that are used throughout the enterprise so could WCF and some well used patterns accomplish this?  This will not be an easy task but would be much better in my opinion than forcing all developers to replicate that effort. Suggestions are very welcome.

After reading my question it didn't make as much sense as it did when I was typing it.  The problem is we are having to form our XML Request send this request into the service and parse the response XML causing alot of repetitive work to be done.  I want to abstract this XML programming away to WCF services that developers can consume that behave like a typical web service. 
Derick Mayberry, Aug 20, 2010
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