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Does this code follow the Factory Design Pattern?

I am somewhat confused about Factory Pattern. Please review this code . When we need object of KeepItems we will instantiate KeepItemsConcrete Class. Is this pattern a Factory Pattern?


Interface IKeep 
End Interface

Public Class KeepItems 

private itemNumber As Integer
private itemName as String

public sub New() 


End Sub

public Function GetItemDesc() As String

Return itemName & itemNumber.ToString() 

End Function

End Class

Public Class KeepItemsConcrete 
 Inherits KeepItems 
   Implements IKeep 

End Class

Shyam Kumar, Aug 02, 2010
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I created a working example that might help.  It's a simple logging object for your applications that allows you to choose where the logs are being written to, either a Text file, database or email.

Although I'm still fairly new to Design Patterns, I'm a little torn between whether my example would be considered more a Strategy Pattern than a Factory Pattern.

You can read about the application here:

And download the sample application here:

I hope this helps.


King Wilder
MVC Central
King Wilder, Aug 03, 2010
Great post! As a side note, I use MVP(Passive View) for both WinForms and WPF apps. This has worked out quite nicely. Davy Brion has a series of posts on how he uses a modified variant of MVP with WPF ( However, as Chrisitan mentioned, MVVM is the most used pattern for WPF and the one recommended by MSFT.
Aug 09, 2010
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In your example, the interface is empty, your child class has not modified the parent class which makes it redundant. So this would be a completely wrong example for any design pattern.

Simply put, Factory pattern is all about having a Factory class which has a method to create a Product class you want i.e. you create create a factory producing the desired product. Here's a link having simple example in case the one here are inadequate:
Pankaj Mhatre, Aug 03, 2010
Got a 404 for the second link. Go to and then click on "Technical Papers" to download the PDF.
Feb 02, 2011
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