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Passing Meta Tags (title, keywords, description) with ASP.NET MVC

Hello, I am working with ASP.NET MVC and now I need to set some meta tag parameters on the pages. Meta tags are the Title, Keywords, and Description on the page. 

The issue is that I have a Masterpage and a Content page. When setting the Title on the Content page nothing shows up.
Anyone know how does should work?
Bogusław Dobrogost, Jul 20, 2010
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You might want to check out this tutorial at  Look at the GolfCentral series.  Essentially the author created a ViewData Factory to set the metatag data.
Mario Lopez, Jul 20, 2010
Actually there is a bit of a difference in how we look at Linq to Sql, In the recent past I worked with Linq to Sql and found that we could use composite/associative objects (objects made out of multiple table at DB), by using stored procedures, which only requires you to have a LINQ Xml definition for that custom object schema that you are returning through the procedures. One of the issues that I found with Linq to Sql is that, we have to be extra careful when changing any of the database object names like table column, sp parameter name/type and you will have to adjust corresponding mapping files accordingly. Sandip
Jun 09, 2010
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