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When will version 4 for Design Pattern Framework be available?


I am still waiting on version 4, may I know roughly when it will be available?  I thought it was supposed to be available april but its almost july soon.

Please advice...
Eagerly awaiting the release :)
Joshua Sim, Jun 20, 2010
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We are really in the final stages, but we want to be sure that everything is rock solid.  This includes: code (design and architecture), comments, documentation, references, installation program, our website, etc. etc.  It may not seem like much, but getting a new release out using 3 additional platforms (MVC, Silverlight, Entity Framework) and more, is a pretty major effort.

Everyone reading this is a developer, so I am sure you understand. :-)

The best I can say is a 'small number' of weeks.

Hope this helps.

Dan McMillan, Jun 21, 2010
Thanks Shreeni, Its worked for me.... :-)
Jul 08, 2011
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