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Who has taken Design Patterns as computer science course at university?

I am always surprised to see that many computer science graduates are rather unfamiliar with Design Patterns.
I am curious to know how many of you have taken Advanced Object Oriented Programming or Design Patterns as a computer science course.
Juan Perez, Jun 03, 2010
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In the USA I took a class on OOP and UML.  We covered 4 design patterns in the class and the instructor suggested additional study on GoF patterns.  If there had been a more in depth class on them I would have taken it.  The OOP class was a requirement before taking C++, C#, or Java classes.  At the time C# was still in beta, but the college was teaching it anyway.  I was not a computer science major, just took the classes to fill electives because I was interested.

I wish there was more about patterns taught in college as they are an excellent way to properly apply other things learned in computer science classes.
Nathan Kovac, Jun 14, 2010
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Here in Brazil, I've studied at PUC-RJ, where I had a whole semester studying OOP and Design Patterns, but it was not a graduate course, it was a post-graduate course.
Ramon Silva, Jun 03, 2010
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