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Explanation of MVP please


Could someone explain what the MVP Model is, possibly with an example in .NET?

Ali Momin, Jun 01, 2010
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I have been working on some sample WPF projects using MVP. You can take a look at it here:

Currently there are two projects using the Passive View flavor of MVP. One uses an Event Aggregator
to pass events from the view to the controller and the other uses simple CLR events.

I am currently working on a third sample project that will utilize MVVM, but I haven't come very far with it yet.

Keep in mind that this is my interpretation of the Passive View design pattern. I have seen many other
variants of it.

Robert Blixt, Jul 19, 2010
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To cut the explanation short, this is my understanding so far...
MVP = Model - View - Presenter

The basic idea behind it is to separate concerns between the layers.  Clean separation enables better testability and easier maintainability and to separate responsibilities of each layer so that it can be readily replaced by another technology(eg. replacing winforms view with html view etc...)

Model - Being the data - class to hold data (domain object)
View - The UI - be it winforms / xaml / html (web forms) etc...
Presenter - Acts like a controller of the view, where business logic resides.

I think there are two main versions of MVP, active and passive, one having the model exposed to the view, and the other having the model exposed only via the presenter.

Still a newbie, but thats my understanding so far...

Joshua Sim, Jul 18, 2010
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Here's a small blog post about MPP that I have written.. (may not be that great, but will of use to someone).

Hope this helps.

Rajesh Pillai
Rajesh Pillai, Jul 16, 2010
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First try to understand what is MVP.I am giving some links.Go through that
Sample: Go through this will give fair idea as to how make layers and proper implementations.

Bhupendra Sinha, Jun 28, 2010
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For more information visit this link:

[]'s Iter Lubnon, Brazil.
Iter Lubnon, Jun 02, 2010
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