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Stored Procedures

Where do I find information on using stored procedures with parameters instead of the inline sql statements?
Jonathan Patrick, Apr 16, 2010
Sorry, I should have been more clear. Is there examples on how to use stored procedures with parameters within the 'Db' class of the framework?
May 03, 2010
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Good information on Stored Procedures is available in the following link

Chinna Srihari
Srihari Chinna, Apr 27, 2010
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SQL statement :

SELECT Product, Quantity
  FROM Inventory
 WHERE Warehouse = 'FL'
Stored procedure:

  @location varchar(10)
SELECT Product, Quantity
  FROM Inventory
 WHERE Warehouse = @location

To call this Stored Procedure:  

EXECUTE sp_GetInventory 'FL'
For more information check this link:

I hope this helps.  

Redha Reghioua, Apr 25, 2010

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