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Entity Framework 4.0 or LINQ-to-SQL

One of our clients wants us to evaluate the best option: move to Entity Framework 4.0 or LINQ-to-SQL (for when Visual Studio 2010 is out). We have some experience with LINQ-to-SQL, which we really like, but virtually no experience with the Entity Framework.

Several of our projects use LINQ-to-SQL in production and they are running fine. So, what are the advantages of moving to EF 4.0?  I am particularly concerned about EF performance in situations where the database schema and the SQL queries are generated by EF (from a Domain Model). I just don't know how performant this is.

Any experiences would be much appreciated.
Humbert Addison, Feb 22, 2010
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I don't have any experience with Entity Framework but maybe  ORM Battle website can be useful for you?
They present LINQ implementation and ORM performance tests, including EF and LINQ.

Edward Kniazycki, Mar 29, 2010
It's only the Release Candidate not the final version.
Feb 26, 2010
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