How can I convert a string to an int in C#.

In C#, you can convert a string representation of a number to an integer in 3 different ways: Parse(), TryParse(), and the Convert class.

Example: Convert string to int using Parse().

short value1 = short.Parse("100");
int value2 = int.Parse("100");
long value3 = long.Parse("100");

// Alternatively

short value4 = Int16.Parse("100");
int value5 = Int32.Parse("100");
long value6 = Int64.Parse("100");

Example: Convert string to int using TryParse().

string str = "12345";

if (int.TryParse(str, int out number)
   Console.WriteLine("Unable to parse string.");

Example: Convert string to int using the Convert class.

short value1 = Convert.ToInt16("100");
int value2 = Convert.ToInt32("100");
long value3 = Convert.ToInt64("100");

Jack Poorte
Jack Poorte
Last updated on Sep 30, 2023

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