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C# Code Examples
1. How to make an HTTP POST web request in C#
2. How to create a random int number in C#
3. How to add values to an array in C#
4. How to iterate over a dictionary in C#
5. How to convert a string to a byte array in C#
6. How to get int value from enum in C#
7. How to turn an object into a JSON string in C#
8. AddTransient, AddScoped and AddSingleton Services. What are the differences?
9. How to set the Authorization Header of HttpClient in C#
10. What is a NullReferenceException and how to fix it in C#
11. How to set the Content-Type header for an HttpClient request in C#
12. How to get the index of the current iteration in a foreach loop in C#
13. How to get a list item by index in C#
14. What is the best way to assign the initial value to a C# auto-property
15. How can I convert a string to an int in C#
16. How to parse JSON with C#
17. How to encode and decode a base64 string in C#
18. How to create a C# Regex that accepts numbers only (0-9) and no characters
19. What is a difference between parameter and argument in C#
20. How to get a dictionary value by key in C#
21. How to correct 'Metadata file .dll could not be found'
22. How to correct 'Unable to resolve service for type while attempting to activate'
23. How to sort a C# List<T> by a property in the object
24. How to call an asynchronous method from a synchronous method in C#
25. How to call a REST API from C#
26. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
27. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host in C#

Last updated on Sep 30, 2023

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