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Guillermo Rivas Garzon
Web developer

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Website www.soluteka.com
Title CEO
Company Soluteka Ltda
City Bogota
St/Prov. 0001
Country Colombia 
Member Since Jan 31, 2010
Last Seen May 11, 2017
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Personal Background
Bio Developer of systems for web, since 2000. I built some webs for commercial airlines in Colombia and search the last tools and apply knowledge on my work.
Website www.soluteka.com

Assets  Extensive experience in custom development for commercial and state enterprises. Microsoft Partner.
Needs  Information standards for building fast and efficient technological solutions for web and mobiles
Interests Apply the latest advances in developing applications for the web and mobiles dipositives
Organizations commercial airlines, customs offices and transportation enterprises. Microsoft Partner

Professional Information
Skills and Experience
Skills & Experience I have worked for over 10 years under tools. NET, database design in Oracle and SQL Server, Knowledge of Javascript, Ajax and Web Services, C# Visual Basic.

Companies / Projects
Aug 00 - May 04 External Specialist, Customs Office DIAN, dian.gov.co  
  Bogota, Colombia  
  SIGA    type: Web    team size: 20
  Oracle, Visual Basic, Visual Studio 6.
  Construction and implementation of the web system for recording and monitoring processes Exports in Colombia. For use of the customs office of the National Government.
Jun 04 - Present CEO, Soluteka Ltda, www.soluteka.com  
  Bogota, Colombia  
  Pijao    type: Web    team size: 5
  .Net 3.0, Visual Studio 2008, Sql Server 2008.
  System for controlling the operation of daily commercial airline flights in Colombia. Management flight itineraries, crew and aircrafts. With this system the airline achieving optimum use of its crew, as the operation of aircraft, reducing costs due to flight delays.
Jun 04 - Present CEO, Soluteka Ltda, www.soluteka.com  
  Bogota, Colombia  
  Courier System    type: Web    team size: 6
  :Net 2.0, Visual Basic, Sql 2000, Visual Studio 2005
  System for recording and monitoring of air waybills for cargo and mail. Thanks to this development, optimized operating costs and extend the porrafolio achievement of services offered.
Nov 04 - Aug 05 CEO, Soluteka Ltda, www.soluteka.com  
  Bogota, Colombia  
  Flight Information Display System    type: Web    team size: 3
  .Net 2.0, Sql 2000, JavaScritp, C#
  Construction of the first Colombian system using information displayed on Plasma displays are LCD type to Automatic information output status and flight arrival airports. Delivering timely information for all passengers from the terminal.

Professional Status
Status Entrepreneur

Educational Background
College / University
1996 - 2000 Universidad Manuela Beltran, Bogota, Colombia    
  Computer Science   degree: pregrade
  System Engineer
2006 - 2008 Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia    
  Computing Cience   degree: Specialist
  Specialist in Information Systems for Business
Certifications No certifications