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Dan Horne
DoD/Business Specialist

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City Moline
St/Prov. Illinois  61265
Country United States 
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Personal Background
Bio I am a home-grown programmer with over 20 years of experience pre-dating windows through Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Where I really shine is in solving business problems with software solutions. Where I may be weaker than a formally educated software engineer, I overpower others in my ability to design applications that solve real-business problems in a robust fashion. I am currently working on a DoD Compliant cost-accounting app for Windows using Visual Studio 2010. The app will have 2 forms, on a Forms based client-server variety, the other an ASP, C# Internet version for corporate Intranets.
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Assets  Programming, database design, C#, HTML, ASP, SQL, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, DoD specialist, Department of Defense, compliance
Needs  job, contract, team members in app design
Interests Programming, gaming, family
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Professional Information
Skills and Experience
Skills & Experience No skills & experiences listed

Companies / Projects
Jan 87 - May 93 Contract Engineer, Self-employed  
  San Jose, CA, United States  
  Sales Forecasting System    type: DOS,    team size: 2
  Designed a sales forecasting system for a Silicon Valley startup, then known as SynOptics Communications, now known as Nortel Networks. Pre-windows application designed to transfer text files, via modem, to headquarters office from various sales offices around the United States with a rolling 12 month sales forecast. Application had 3 versions. The sales office at the bottom of the tier, the region office where 3-5 sales offices' information was collected and sanitized by the regional manager, and the headquarters app where the regional submittals were combined and reports printed so that the Executive Staff could create budgets and forecasts for the business. Also set up their engineering department and designed the first unshielded-twisted-pair networking concentrators, routers, and switches. My task was electro-mechanical design engineering, environmental testing, UL/CSA/FCC compliance testing.
May 93 - Feb 02 Director of Material Operations, Applied Materials, CMP Division, http://www.amat.com  
  San Jose, CA, United States  
  Inventory Control    type: Windows    team size: 1
  VB4, VB5
  Created app for use in ordering materials and maintaining inventory control when this division was new and a startup prior to having an ERP system. App was rudimentary comparied to ERP/MRP standards, but was adequate enough to keep us in business for a year and allow me to cost reduce the tool 28% in 90 days. I have a letter of recommendation and a write-up for that accomplishment.
Feb 02 - Sep 08 Chief Financial Officer, Inter-Coastal Electronics, Inc., www.inter-coastal.net  
  Mesa, AZ, United States  
  ICECAS    type: Windows Forms App    team size: 1
  .Net 2005, .Net 2008
  App designed to handle project cost accounting to Department of Defense standards. Features in addition to traditional project cost accounting were program KPIs and export of details for upload in preparing the annual Incurred Cost Proposal for the company. This project as an aside from my main job as CFO to continue my love of designing and implementing software.
Sep 08 - Present Contractor/Consultant, Self-employed, http://www.vetwriters.com  
  Moline, IL, United States  
  Various    type: Windows, SharePoint    team size: 1
  VS 2008
  2010-2011: Setting up a new business unit for an agency on the Rock Island Arsenal, creating market research, business plan, business processes, budget, staffing requirements and website design tasks as well as marketing materials in Adobe CS5. 2008-2010: Freelance writing, publishing, layout of text and graphic design of covers for books. Most work was done in Adobe CS4 and CS5 using Photoshop, In-Design, Illustrator and Acrobat Professional. Programming portions of the effort were completed in HTML and SQL using Dreamweaver. Heavy on HTML and CSS, light on PHP.

Professional Status
Status Contractor/Freelance

Educational Background
College / University
1974 - 1975 Washington School of Design, Washington, DC, United States    
  Graphic Design & Drafting   degree: Certificate in Design
1980 - 1984 Prince George's Community College, Largo, MD, United States    
  Engineering   degree: AA
  BSME transfer curriculum.
1993 - 1996 National University, San Jose, CA, United States    
  Business, Accounting Major, Economics Minor   degree: BA
1997 - 1999 Golden Gate University, San Jose, CA, United States    
  Finance   degree: MS
Certifications No certifications listed