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Diego Barnech
.NET rules! ;-)

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Title Senior Developer
Company Lixar I.T. inc.
City Halifax
St/Prov. Nova Scotia  
Country Canada 
Member Since Jul 27, 2010
Last Seen Apr 20, 2016
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Personal Background
Bio I've been working in big multinational companies for the last 10 years of my life (Syngenta, Verizon, Lufthansa, etc), and in all of them I wrote code for Microsoft ASP.NET (front-end) application in C# language. Since 2014 I'm mostly advocated to back-end code with Azure technologies. I'm glad to be part of the dot net community!
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Assets  Skills and expertise.
Needs  Skills and Ideas.
Interests .NET and other Microsoft Technologies.
Organizations G-Nesis Informatica, Verizon Business, Lufthansa Systems.

Professional Information
Skills and Experience
Skills & Experience I have work as a .NET developer for the las 7 years. Mainly in ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0. I have expericence in both main .NET languages (C# and VB.NET). I also have a very good knowledge in DBA (mainly MS SQL and IBM DB2).

Companies / Projects
Oct 05 - May 06 SSr Developer, G-Nesis Informatica, http://www.g-nesis.net  
  Vicente Lopez, Argentina  
  UPB    type: Web, SAP    team size: 5
  ASP.NET 1.1, SAP Connector, MS SQL Server
  We succesfully implement the ERP web front-end for the SAP back end transactions.
Jun 06 - Oct 08 SSr Developer, G-Nesis Informatica, http://www.g-nesis.net  
  Vicente Lopez, Argentina  
  OTC    type: Web, SAP    team size: 10
  ASP.NET 1.1, SAP Connector, MS SQL Server
  We successfully implement the whole Order-To-Cash project, wichi include the front-end for Order-Entry, Warehose management, Order-Status and electronic Invoice generation.
Oct 08 - Mar 10 SSr Developer, Verizon Business, http://www.verisonbusiness.com  
  Capital Federal, Argentina  
  UPI    type: Web    team size: 10
  ASP.NET 1.1
  We successfully implement the Unified Provisioned Interface (front-end) for all orders that Verizion Business implements worldwide.
Apr 10 - Mar 14 Senior Software Engineer, Lufthansa Systems Americas, http://lhsystems.com  
  Capital Federal, Argentina  
  Sky.NET    type: Web    team size: 4
  ASP.NET 2.0-3.5; MS SQL, Avaya ODBC Connector
  We accomplish to setup the Knowledge base and Reporting system for the Lufthwansa systems Aviation Desk Serice world wide.
Mar 14 - Apr 15 Technical Team Lead, Willdom - AR, www.willdom.com  
  Buenos Aires, Argentina  
  DPSS - ARGON    type: Backend-Main Platform    team size: 6
  .NET 4.0, Azure SDK 2.3, Microsoft SQL 2012, Entity Framework 4.0
Nov 15 - Present Senior Developer, Lixar I.T. inc., www.lixar.com  
  Halifax, Canada  
  Automobile, Azure Cloud, IoT

Professional Status
Status Employee

Educational Background
College / University
2002 - 2009 Universidad Abierta Interamericana, Buenos Aires, Argentina    
  Technology-Computer Science   degree: Software Engineer
Certifications No certifications listed